About Clarfeld

Personal Wealth Management

“I don’t know where the friendship ends and the business begins. It’s one seamless relationship.”

In an industry where it seems that every financial service provider carries the moniker of  “financial planner” or “financial consultant,” the ability to articulate a differentiation is extremely challenging for the service provider and, even more so, for the potential client, who is placing, to a significant degree, their financial future in the hands of a financial professional.

On the most basic level, we, too, are financial planners and consultants. Where we differentiate ourselves is that, far beyond these labels, we are “Wealth Strategists” who take on the role as our clients’ “Financial ConfidantesTM”. In every meaningful metric we have the experience and gravitas that distinguishes our firm as unique in the financial services industry. Given the opportunity, we will prove it to you.

A Unique Business Model
Thirty years ago, Rob Clarfeld, a young financial professional, had a vision for a client-centric firm of unmatched technical expertise which, at that time, was often touted and rarely delivered. Rather than build a narrowly specialized firm which, all too easily, could shirk responsibilities as outside its core expertise, over time, Rob Clarfeld developed a full menu of services — investments, taxes, estate planning, private wealth management, cash flow, insurance — in the context of a single service environment. That was the plan.  That became the deliverable.

Rob Clarfeld created his firm based on a unique business model:

  • A personal wealth management boutique with a global focus for high net-worth clients seeking close relationships with seasoned advisors who offer sophisticated guidance on complex tax, estate, corporate employment and investment strategies.
  • A firm large enough to have the ability to attract the industry’s sharpest professionals, a requisite to delivering on our promises and commitments; yet, a boutique firm intimate enough to allow for very close ongoing contact with clients — a commitment that, despite their rhetoric, large firms simply failed, and continue to fail, to fulfill.
  • The holistic overlapping delivery of client services replaces the traditional “wheel-and-spoke” model of separate services, eliminating the proverbial cracks that details somehow fall through.
  • A client-centric environment focused on taking as much time as needed to fully educate clients as to our transparency-driven modality; that is, no “black box” modeling.

Rob Clarfeld achieved his vision. In 1981 he founded:
Clarfeld: Wealth Strategists & Financial ConfidantesTM

Today, we manage over $4.5 billion in assets on behalf of our client base which includes CEOs and other senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, professionals, business owners, and public and private charitable foundations.  Our uniquely customized and integrated planning and investment process has led to fulfilling and long-lasting client relationships that have withstood the test of time.