Wealth Strategists & Financial Confidantes

Wealth Strategists
The only methodology to reliably build and protect wealth is to develop a comprehensive strategy built on a deep knowledge of both the client’s financial objectives and the financial landscape through which one must navigate. Understanding the former without the latter is irresponsible; knowledge of the landscape without the objectives creates irrelevance. At Clarfeld, we listen to our clients and develop an understanding of their concerns and integrate our depth of knowledge of the financial and legislative universe of global wealth management to create relevant and actionable strategies.

As true Wealth Strategists, we guide our clients through all facets of their financial lives. Our willingness to take on the dual role of both Wealth Strategists and Financial ConfidantesTM produces the client-responsiveness and results that people hire us to provide.

Financial ConfidanteTM
A private investment advisor and an expert, a Clarfeld Financial ConfidanteTM is whom our clients turn to when they need to make difficult decisions at the nexus of life and wealth.

Our clients continuously face complex and nuanced decisions that greatly impact them, their families and their careers. Their Clarfeld Financial ConfidanteTM can help them maneuver through the financial obstacles that litter the path towards the creation and preservation of wealth. As their Financial ConfidanteTM we serve as an advocate and are responsible for combining all of the various disciplines that Clarfeld has to offer, blending them into a holistic and cohesive strategy.