Estate and Trust Planning Services

Those who have accumulated significant wealth know that they must secure it for future generations. Our Wealth Strategists understand the challenges of the exceedingly complex intersect of multi-generational financial, legal, philanthropic and tax planning in a dynamic and highly political environment.

Successful estate planning centers around the ability to efficiently fulfill one’s dispositive intentions, at the lowest tax and administrative cost.

At its most basic level, estate planning is often viewed in terms of the passing on of assets upon death.  Frequently, however, the most effective multi-generational and philanthropic planning – gifts, contributions and the setting up of charities, trusts and foundations – occurs during one’s lifetime. Clarfeld Wealth Strategists are experts at guiding our clients through this process.

Multi-National Considerations
Many of our clients are U.S. expatriates or have a multi-national tax nexus. Clarfeld Wealth Strategists are highly experienced in all aspects of global estate, global wealth management, and gift taxation.