Personal & Family Financial Planning Services

At Clarfeld, we hold that meaningful long-term, multi-generational wealth preservation is achieved by establishing a highly specific financial plan. Within the realm of serious planning, no discipline stands alone; the implementation of a uniquely customized financial plan serves as the foundation for successful private wealth management strategies.

Cash Flow Planning
How do you spend your money? Specifically, what are your spending habits? Smart planning needs to reflect your lifestyle and financial priorities. Financial planning primarily is about cash flow – how much will you need; when will you need it; where will it come from. A Clarfeld Financial ConfidanteTM will create a multi-year cash flow model that enables you to confidently quantify the funding of current and future lifestyles, fulfill financial commitments, and plan and financially stress-test the ability to realize one’s aspirations.

Retirement Planning
Funding your financial future, generally for a stage of life when the ability to accumulate additional capital cannot be assured, is a huge responsibility – one that we approach with great seriousness.

We assess the entirety of your current resources and then create a detailed analysis of the envisioned retirement lifestyle. Our analyses address income tax strategies, pension choices, medical and life insurance and estate considerations. The result is a wealth plan for your future; the creation of an action plan that includes the optimal asset allocation and funding strategies geared to maximize and secure your future.