Investment Counseling & Consulting Services

When it comes to creating investment portfolios, Clarfeld occupies a fairly exclusive stratum. Consistent with our clients’ goals, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, sophistication and future cash requirements, our approach to investment planning — disciplined, highly informed, and ideologically agnostic — is designed to protect and grow capital through all market cycles.

Clarfeld Wealth Strategists maintain a keen awareness of how changing circumstances— domestic and international economic variables, fiscal and monetary policies, and geopolitical shifts — can impact our clients’ financial security and private wealth management. Central to the design of our clients’ portfolios is our highly individualized and dynamic asset allocation methodology. Investments are analyzed by many salient factors, including:

  • Diversification.  We employ sophisticated strategic and tactical asset allocation methodologies to build portfolios utilizing a client-appropriate balance of multiple low-correlated asset classes with the goal of striving for capital appreciation at acceptable levels of volatility.
  • Risk-adjusted returns.  Our talented financial analysts apply and stress-test sophisticated risk management controls that have held up during extremely difficult markets.  We have the patience not to reach for return at the expense of unjustified risk
  • We are exquisitely sensitive to the tax efficiency of our client portfolios.

We fully educate our clients as to the centrality of an appropriate asset allocation as the engine that drives the creation of long-term wealth.

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