Tax Planning Services

With thirty years of tax experience, Clarfeld Wealth Strategists can evaluate the impact of taxation of all entities, in all taxing jurisdictions, with the goal of legally minimizing our clients’ overall tax burden. Our domestic and global tax expertise has never been more important to our clients than within the current whirlwind of legislative dynamics.  Thorough and thoughtful tax compliance is important; proactive planning is crucial.  Our clients’ Clarfeld Financial Confidanteä keeps clients apprised of significant changes and provides ongoing recommendations.

International Tax Expertise
Since its founding thirty years ago, Clarfeld has had a deep level of international and expatriate taxation expertise far exceeding the capabilities that, reasonably, can be expected from almost any of our competitors.  Foreign nationals working in the U.S. and American expatriates living and working abroad represent a significant segment of our client base.  With increased scrutiny on international transactions, global expertise and comprehensive compliance has never been more important for those working, living or investing globally.