Personal Financial & Wealth Management Services

As one of the top Personal Financial Consultants in New York, Clarfeld’s family office service allows our clients to delegate their ongoing personal finances to experienced professionals. Clients are comfortable having Clarfeld relieve them of time-absorbing tasks such as bill paying, domestic payroll, insurance reimbursements and reconciliation of checking and credit card accounts. Those who travel frequently and have multiple residences are able to leave the details to professionals who fully understand their personal and financial dynamics.
With 30 years of experience, Clarfeld Wealth Strategists provide comprehensive personal financial management services such as:

• Comprehensive bill paying services
• Customized cash flow and account reconciliation reports
• Record keeping and on-site document retention
• Family governance and philanthropy consulting
• Assisting the older and younger generations with financial management

Clarfeld provides the full spectrum of family office services that is seamlessly integrated with all other aspects of our clients’ financial life.

Clarfeld is located in Westchester, NY but our services extend nationwide!