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When Should Children Have Access to Their Inheritances?

Another major decision when it comes to estate planning is determining the appropriate time for [...]

The Perils Of Concentration In Your Employer's Stock

Most of us have a complicated relationship with money, and we don't always act rationally [...]

Selecting Your Children's Guardians Is Very Different Than Naming Their Godparents

"Throughout my career of providing financial and estate planning services, I have found that the [...]

Choosing An Executor For Your Estate

Far too many of us put off finalizing estate documents because we get hung-up on [...]

You Can Deduct Pet-Related Expenses On Your Tax Return (Sometimes)

The recently signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought many changes to the tax laws. [...]

The Charitable Mindset: When To Start Educating Your Children

The financial landscape is replete with the "how" of charitable giving. That is, how one [...]

The Real Cost Of Not Selling An "Underwater" House

As is probably true with all financial planners, I've had countless discussions with clients who [...]

7 Reasons To Revisit Your Estate Plan, Trump Tax Law Aside

The recently passed "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" (TCJA) contains a major change to the [...]

Divorce: Investing Your Financial Settlement

From a financial perspective, not much good comes from a divorce. Invariably, two households need [...]

Want To Better Manage Your Business? Take Flying Lessons

Running a business successfully is difficult. You should consider taking up flying for fun, [...]

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