Over 35 Years ago...

...Rob Clarfeld had a vision for a Client-Driven, Comprehensive wealth management firm of unmatched technical expertise.

At the time, the prevalent business model within the industry was that of a single-disciplined, narrowly focused expertise, supplemented by the outsourcing of complementary services. Rather, Rob sought to partner with like-minded professionals from within the wealth management space who also believed clients are best served by the integration of all aspects of planning within a single shop.

We believe the result was groundbreaking:

The creation of a Fully Integrated, Multi-Disciplined approach to managing the financial affairs of affluent families, practiced within the context of a single service environment. As the years passed, the firm established and solidified its niche.

Today, Clarfeld is often recognized as one of the industry’s premier multi-family offices that remains true to its client-driven origins. We advise and manage over $11 billion of assets on behalf of our clients, who include senior corporate executives, professionals, business owners, and other high net worth individuals and their related entities including trusts and charitable foundations. Our unique customized and integrated planning and investment process has fostered long-lasting client relationships that have endured through multiple market cycles and shifting income and estate tax laws.
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We believe that the key to our success is an unrivaled business model that guides and shapes the firm’s dynamic culture:

Clarfeld Boutique


An intimate wealth management boutique with global capabilities for high net worth families seeking close relationships with seasoned advisors who offer sophisticated financial guidance.

Clarfeld Global


A firm large enough to attract and nurture the industry’s sharpest professionals while maintaining the integrity of our personalized boutique roots.

Clarfeld Property and Casualty Insurance


An unwavering all-encompassing approach to financial services that seamlessly integrates every aspect of one’s financial life, focusing on maximizing long-term investment returns and safeguarding crucial elements important to the integrity and foundation of each family.

Clarfeld Client-Driven


The most integral driver of our success over the years is our client-driven mentality. We are trusted stewards of our clients’ family security, a responsibility we take very seriously.