Nonprofit Organizations

In addition to families and individuals, Clarfeld offers a robust investment platform for operating and non-operating foundations and other nonprofit organizations.

Understanding the unique investment objectives, risks, time horizons and related budget parameters for nonprofit and other specialized organizations requires an expertise that can only be derived from years of experience.   

Our culture of comprehensive wealth management enables us to offer more than the simple approach of purely growing assets; we are able to address specific cash flow and budgeting constraints and opportunities. 

We work with organizations to establish short- and long-term objectives as well as operating and capital budgets.  We also work directly with finance committees to educate directors on portfolio management, and structure and communicate an organization’s investment policy with the goal of enhancing stakeholder buy-in.

Our services for Endowments, Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations include:

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  • Review of policy documents
  • Assistance with operational budgets
  • Review of capital budgets
  • Develop, review and monitor investment policy statements
  • Asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Customized reports
  • Active participation in board meetings
  • Fiduciary compliance
  • Ongoing monitoring and due diligence of all investment managers
  • Analysis of the investment history and current needs of each organization