Our Integrated Family Office


Growing wealth for our families in a measured, strategic manner is the core principle behind Integrated Wealth Structuring.

This dynamic approach draws upon our expertise across various financial disciplines ensuring a comprehensive perspective of our client’s financial life, eliminating the oversights and shortcomings often associated with traditional wealth management. 

This unified approach results in an intersection of:

Financial Planning

  • Define family goals and establish time horizons
  • Multi-scenario cash flow modeling
  • Asset, liability and cash flow management
  • Short and long-term liquidity requirements
  • Philanthropic tax strategies
  • Retirement funding analyses
  • Corporate asset accumulation plans and corporate benefits planning

Investment Strategies

  • Customized global asset allocation and investment strategies
  • Single-employer security concentration modeling
  • Temporal portfolio risk-adjusted optimization
  • Portfolio tax optimization

Estate, Trust & Tax Planning

  • Proactive tax planning and expectation management
  • Tax planning for one-off transactions
  • Estate tax transfer solutions and funding options
  • Entity situs selection / dispositive and directive consulting
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Multinational tax planning and compliance services

An even greater priority for most families beyond building their wealth is Protecting it through proper Risk Management.

Understanding, managing and mitigating risk is an essential component of our Family OfficeRisk comes in many forms; we work with our clients to review their insurance coverage, implement asset protection strategies and vehicles, and review their asset ownership structure. Essentially, we work to ensure there are no cracks in our clients' financial facade.

We actively protect wealth for our families through:

  • Proactive cyber security protection
  • Risk mitigation in highly concentrated investment portfolios
  • Estate liquidity planning
  • Property and asset ownership analysis and optimization

Lifestyle Support is designed to Administer wealth for our families who have complex financial burdens, particularly those involving a family business, multiple residences or ongoing travel. 

Our Clarfeld Family Office has the infrastructure, expertise and organizational experience to fully support each family’s administrative burdens such as bill paying, data aggregation, domestic payroll and document retention.   We also have the deep expertise required to handle every aspect of ongoing tax planning and preparation services as well as audit representation (including detailed residency examinations).

We offer lifestyle support designed to administer wealth for our families including:

Wealth Concierge

  • Comprehensive bill pay and budgeting
  • Identity theft resolution services
  • Domestic employee payroll
  • Medical claims assistance
  • Ongoing monitoring of cash flow and cash sufficiency
  • Catalog, archive and digitize artwork and antiquities valuations
    (Specialty Services – LifeSlate™)
  • Customized client-centric financial aggregation reports
  • Family crisis assistance
  • Other ministerial tasks

Tax Preparation 

  • Complete array of expert individual and entity income tax preparation
  • Tax controversy and residency representation


  • Ongoing administration for trusts
  • Estate accounting and administration
  • Family document retention guidelines 
  • SEC and company compliance for corporate executives
  • Private foundation administrative services

Intergenerational wealth Transfers become more complex as a family’s wealth grows and its long-term strategies evolve along with the responsibilities surrounding family-specific dynamics.

We assist families by codifying their views on family governance, often addressing shared values, leadership roles and dispute resolution, while recognizing specific interpersonal dynamics.  We also set agendas and facilitate family meetings while providing financial education for the next generation.   

Our governance and legacy planning facilitates the transfer of wealth and values to successive generations:

  • Family mission statement development
  • Multigenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • Successive generation financial education and coaching
  • Philanthropic guidelines development
  • Business succession planning
  • Facilitate and structure annual family meetings
  • Completely organize family records and files
    (Specialty Services – LifeSlate™)