When Are you ready for clarfeld family office

The choice of a Family Office provider is extremely important. We understand the significance of this selection and welcome the opportunity to deliver our extraordinary service model. At Clarfeld we recognize that families are constantly evolving. We coordinate each phase of a family’s financial life through a personalized and integrated approach that ensures every detail of their financial world is taken into consideration.

Glaring signs that you’re in need of Clarfeld Family Office

Your direct knowledge of your family’s finances, goals and aspirations cannot meaningfully be recreated by others.

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You personally coordinate everything: investment management, tax information, estate planning, document retention, property and casualty insurance, etc.

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You travel often and have concerns over the handling and timing of financial matters in your absence.

You have retired and no longer have an executive assistant’s administrative support – or you have concerns as to the potential blurring of lines between your personal and professional lives.

There is no obvious future family manager. Your children are grown and their lives have moved in different directions. By “anointing” a successor manager, you may be laying the groundwork for future sibling issues. 

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You have multigenerational intentions without a clear means of implementation, and information for critical decisions is often unavailable or outdated.

Your files are an eclectic amalgam of current, relevant, dated, sentimental and potentially useless data that only you can decipher.

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You no longer want to deal with the financial minutia of life.